Refund Policy

Refunds and Exchanges

In most cases we offer both refundable and nonrefundable fares for the same trip. Refundable fares are fully refundable and can be exchanged with no additional fee. Nonrefundable fares have no refund value. However, tickets can be exchanged for another date and time for a fee of $20. Exchange must take place prior to the scheduled travel date. If request is not made prior to the travel scheduled date the ticket will be null and void. All exchanges will be based on schedule availability.

Partially used ticket means a purchased ticket not used to completion. Partially used one-way tickets are nonrefundable. Partially used round trip tickets may be submitted for refund when either the going or return portion is completely unused. Refund will be based on the fare paid minus the one-way fare. If both the going and return portions are partially used the ticket has no refund value. Nonrefundable tickets have no refund value.

Refundable tickets must be presented for refund within one year from date of purchase. Tickets submitted for refund after this time period will have no refund value.

Refundable tickets that are purchased using our mobile website may only be refunded upon application for refund to Greyhound’s Corporate Refund Department in Dallas, Texas.